Think outside the box with our installed boathouse cabinets!

CoxCabinet.   The CoxCabinet is a wall mounted storage system that can hold and charge up to 16 coxboxes or CoxOrbs off of a single power supply.  No more power strips and tangled cords.  The doors can be configured to hold and charge any combination of up to 18 performance monitors (like NK's GPS or XL).   The doors lock using a key pad entry system that allows you to control who gets in without handing out keys.   The built in log and custom pass codes allow you to know when and by whom the cabinet is accessed.  All CoxCabinet designs begin with a 30"x30"x12" steel cabinet built by one of America's biggest steet cabinet makers.    Each Cabinet is fitted out to your specs and needs.  

RowKraft lights:   These are great tools for crews rowing in the half light and we are building more and more docks and cabinets to charge and store them.   Call or email us for designs. 

Doors can removed easily and shipped UPS making it possible to postpone initial configuring or to reconfigure the doors at a later date. 

Send us an email or give us a call to begin your design process.   Pricing is as follows:

Cabinet and Coxbox storage:   $510 base price and then $35 per coxbox charging station.

Doors:   $150 per door and then $35 per powered charging mount (XL/GPS/CoxMate,etc).  Remember door charging/storage is optional and thus your door costs could be zero.


CoxCabinet Gallery

Docks.   Docks are wall or counter top mounted charging stations for boathouses where security is not an issue.   All docks are customs and feature our "bomb-proof" strain relief on all charger plugs and medical quality power supplies that will go the distance.  Check out the gallery below of sample docks.  

Dock Gallery

Custom Harnesses:   Regularly crews come to us saying that they are really happy with the cabinet that a boatman or crew dad has built for them but they are tired of the tangle of wires that comes with it.  In such cases we are happy to build a custom wiring harness to fit their existing cabinet.   Our harnesses feature our rugged charging plugs and medical quality power supplies.   Imagine 16 coxboxes charging off of a single power cord... this one was designed and built for Tufts University's existing cabinet:   Call or email us for a quote on a harness.



Custom Designs

No matter what your situation, we are willing to design around it.  Be it working with existing cabinetry or really tight spaces we love a challenge and are happy to work with you as we are able.

Pictured below is custom design for a crew where we had to work with an exisiting cabinet in a shared boathouse.  


Here you have the "problem" to be addressed:   Here you have the "problem" to be addressed:



















Here you have the "problem" to be addressed:   Multiple power strips, a fire threat incandencent light bulb, wires everywhere, and much of their gear being charged elsewhere.

























Our solution was a panel made to fit the space that holds and charges 6 coxboxes, 4 GPS, 2 XL's.  Additionally it has fabric pouches for all of the headsets, a super bright (and cool) LED overhead light, a pair of USB jacks for charging other devices (Phones, GoPro's, etc) and a 16VDC jack for charging their radios.