Over the years we have put our gear into some very classy boathouses and we have often thought that our industrial-look gear did not fit into the decor of some of these boathouses.   We are delighted to announce a new relationship with an excellent cabinet maker who can match the wood, styles, and colors of your boathouse to produce cabinets and fixtures that will complement your existing decor.    All of these products feature our proven electrical systems and plugs giving you a perfect fusion of aesthetics and function.    To discus this option with us, send a few photos of your boathouse spaces along with your needs via email and we will start working up some designs.

Custom Dock in cherry with Shaker pegs.

This Dock was created as a sample of what can be done in the realm of custom woodwork.   It can hold and charge four coxboxes and, while it is fitted with only three charging mounts for SpeedCoachGPS, it has room for as many as six.   The cherry face grain is mirrored at the back of each coxbox charging tube.   Headsets are stored on Shaker pegs stained to match the cherry face.   Details like colors and styles of trim can easily be matched to those currently in your boathouse.  Send us some photos or samples of your existing woodwork and we will build you a fixture that will perfectly complement your boathouse's decor.


Custom Dock in cherry with Shaker pegs