Few things can distract a crew more than static in a coxswains headset, and we understand how frustrating headset failures can be (Tens of thousands of dollars of equipment and months of training compromised by a mic gives out during the row up to the start).   We offer an number of solutions to keep your gear functioning as it should.

Headset repairs:  

BNC Repairs.   We have an extremely rugged repair for the older, BNC style headsets.  Our plugs are both soldered and clamped using a compression fitting (not a wire damaging crimp), and then are loaded up with really great strain relief.  We are so confident in this repair that we warrantee it for the life of the headset.  We are only able to repair damage to the plugs of mics, not problems that occur up in the top or boom end of the mic.  For help diagnosing your problem (ie, is your static in the plug or the boom?), give us a call or send us an email.

Cost:   $45 per headset.


R2 repairs.   We are proto-typing a repair for the plugs on newer R2 style headsets.   Until we are certain that this repair will go the distance we will only do one repair per crew, on a no-cost basis, in return for feed back on the durability of repair.  Have you got a coxswain who is notorious for mangling headset plugs?  We would love for them to give our new plug their best shot.  Send us a headset and let us know how it goes.

S2 Adaptors:   Introduced 5 years ago, the S2 allows you to plug a new-style R2 headset into an old-style, BNC coxbox.  This economical solution belongs in every coach's tool box and will give you increased flexibility when you encounter headset problems.   Cost:  $22 each.

S2 AdaptorS2 Adaptor

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