Our cases are LARGE AND IN CHARGE!

Rowers' Resource offerers an ever expanding line of top quality portable charging stations.   All of our portable stations feature:

-Military grade, indestructible cases that are made in America and unconditionally warranteed for life.  

-Medical quality, regulated, and switch-mode, power supplies.   Unlike, unregulated power supplies that burn out like light bulbs and can leave large teams buying several replacements each season, our power supplies will go the distance.  Since selling our first CoxCase in 2009 we have not had a single power supply fail.

- Over-the-top strain relief.  Since our first Case went out the door we have not had a single incident of a coxbox charging cable cable being pulled from its plug!

-Stainless steel fittings and closed cell foams that do not absorb water.

CoxCase-8    The CoxCase-8 is our most popular case.   The CC-8 holds and charges up to 8 coxboxes and has space to store and charge up to 4 XL's (with their antennas on) or 6 GPS.   It comes ready to go with both a car charger and a wall charger allowing you to charge 8 coxboxes off of a single wall outlet or car cigarette lighter jack.   

Pricing on CoxCase-8 starts at $705 for our CoxBox only version.   Want to add performance monitors (GPS/XL/Coxmate)? Give us a call we can make that happen.


CoxCase-6. This is the contemporary version of our first case.   First introduced as the CoxCase XL, the CoxCase-6 is the little brother of the CoxCase-8.  It holds and charges 6 coxboxes and can store two SpeedcoachXL's and 4 of the smaller Speed/Stroke/Surge/GPSCoaches.  It comes with both wall and car chargers and a grease bottle.

Pricing on CC-6's starts at $605 for our standard case.   Want to add charging performance monitors to that?  We offer a variation on the CC-6 that holds and charges 4 coxboxes and has space for up to 6 GPS and 4 XL's.


Take a look at custom options below and contact us for a quote.


Cases for performance monitors.     No matter what kind of performance monitors you are using (NK, CoxMate, Garmin, CoxOrb) we can build a case for you.   Shown below is a case built for NK's SpeedcoachXL.  It holds and charges 8 SpeedcoachXL's... with their antennas on!   No more antennas broken off while traveling in the bottom of your bag and no more cross threaded antennas from impatient hands on race day.  The XLCase can be left open as a mobile charging station on training trips to let coaches see the charging status of each XL in one glance.  Tired of lost, damaged, or uncharged performance monitors?  Let us help you tame the tangle and make the most of your investment in your gear.

With the growing variety of performance monitors out there, pricing on cases varies greatly.  For a quote on a case for performance monitors send us an email with your specs and how you want to use it and we will get you a design and a quote within a week.


 Custom Cases.   We are always happy to take on the challenge of a custom case, particularly because many of the custom cases that our customers have requested have prompted us to rethink our designs in ways that have greatly enhanced our standard cases.   Below you will find a selection of our favorite custom designs.    Considering a custom?  Send us an email at mhopkins@rowersresource.org to get the ball rolling.  We will get you a quote and a mock up within a week or two of finalizing your specs.

Custom Cases